I'm able to apply custom graphics to avocados. Consider avocados for your next corporate event. We also do every fruit, from our parent company Branded Fruit.

Pricing options are here.

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"I wanted something unique to help propose to my girlfriend, but couldn't find the right thing...  until I heard about!  I had personalized messages printed on avocados, leading her to the final one asking her to marry me.  After the proposal, we had delicious snacks for days.  It was perfect!  Now, I plan to get custom avocados to give as favors at the wedding." - Cody W., New York, NY

"People couldn't get enough of them!" - Shashi J. of Techqueria, San Francisco, CA

"If local meetups started giving out avocados as swag instead of water bottles, I'd go to 500% more meetups." Christina L., San Francisco, CA




Can I eat these? Yes.

How do you ship avocados? I mail them while they're unripe, so they arrive in 2-3 days, ready to eat. I can also plan to ship them so they arrive on a specific date.

Do you customize other produce? Avocados are the best, but yes, we can customize all produce: promotional potatoes, branded beets, custom cantaloupe, etc. Just let us know. Here's an example of a mango.